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[NEWS] "Always" stage greeting celebrating box office success

On Feb 5th, Maki attended a stage greeting in Tokyo to celebrate the box office success of “ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64”. The movie’s total attendance topped at 1.5 million people since its premiere on Jan 21st. During the stage greeting, the cast members were asked of any stories related to the movie.

Maki revealed that during the time when they were filming the 2nd movie in 2007, it was also close to her high school graduation so she was studying hard for her exams. She would head to the back of the film site where a desk was set up and she would study there. She confessed that when she was filming the movie, her mind was really focused on studying. (Ah~, Mak-chan, you’re a diligent student! That’s a good thing! I understand how it must be very hard for u to balance work and school, especially at a young age.) With a sheepish grin, she apologized for being so absorbed in her studies. *Hehehe! Cute and funny Mak-chan!*

Sources: Various news sites.

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Sorry, for the late update. Was depressed for a while. But now feeling much better. Sometimes it’s good to just let go and start anew. :)
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