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[NEWS] "Umechan" on the train

Horikita Maki sends off a train wrapped with ‘Umechan Sensei’ posters
April 9, 2012 at 11:46 am

On April 9th, actress Horikita Maki attended the official departure ceremony of a train wrapped with advertisements for her NHK morning drama ‘Umechan Sensei‘ at the Shinagawa Station in Tokyo.

She commented on the train, “There are so many posters that it makes me both embarrassed and happy.” Showing off a bright smile she added, “I hope it will travel to many towns and that everyone will come to Kamata by riding this train.”

In ‘Umechan Sensei’, Horikita is playing a local doctor named ‘Umeko’ in Kamata during the postwar period. She explained, “Umeko is the youngest of three siblings. Compared to her older brother and sister, she’s rather clumsy, but she’s a very positive girl and is working very hard in order to become a real doctor.” The morning drama aired its first episode on April 2nd, which recorded the highest start in five years with a rating of 18.5%. By the third episode it already reached a rating of 20.0%. The 2011 morning drama ‘Ohisama‘ needed five episodes to get there, while most of the other recent morning dramas needed at least one month to break the 20% mark.

Horikita also was able to come into contact with the real people of Kamata for a recent TV program. “It made me understand how each person is connected to each other,” she remembered.

The ‘Umechan Sensei’ train will operate on the Keikyu Main Line between the Sengakuji Station and the Misakiguchi Station until September, 2012. Additional posters are put up at the Umeyashiki Station on the Keikyu Main Line, due to bearing the same name as ‘Umechan’. Furthermore that station will use SMAP’s “Sakasama no Sora“, the theme song of the morning drama, as its official station melody.

~translated by HPriest@TokyoHive


Sources: Various news sites.

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Are u watching "Umechan Sensei"? I'm addicted to it now. It's well-written and I like how it's a pretty even drama. I was laughing at the comical scenes (like when she unintentionally ended up having to polish that guy's shoes and when out of the blue, she shouted "Sou na!" while with her family) and I was very moved at times. I cried when they broke the news to Matsuko (older sister) about Satosan. I like how some scenes give the message to not lose hope, to look to a brighter day. It wasn't overly done; just right. Kudos to Maki's acting! I really believe her as the cheerful, clumsy, hopeful teenager Umechan. I look forward to this 2nd week's episodes cuz on the preview, it looks like there's some romantic clash between Umechan and Nobuo (Tori). :)

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