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[NEWS - BACKTRACKED] Leopalace21 Press Event


On the 11th, Maki attended a press event in Tokyo presenting new CMs for real estate company Leopalace21.

In the cms, Maki wore several different outfits to go with the different designs of the room. The cms will also feature the comedienne duo Harisenbon. That day was close to Mother’s Day in which Maki expressed her deep gratitude to her mother. When asked what her favorite pastime to do at home, Maki answered that she likes reading but recently, she can’t because she’s so busy reading lot of scripts for her current drama (Umechan Sensei). (Ah, poor Mak-chan! She can’t even relax at home. She’s working at home, reading those scripts.) The new CMs started broadcasting on May 14th.

Recommended photos:

Sources: Various news sites.

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Sorry for the late update! Been away for awhile. Need to catch up on watching "Umechan Sensei". It's a very good drama! Sou desu!

Hope you are all well! :D Have u been good? Getting into trouble? So have I! :P

Welcome, New Members! Hope u like it here!

I'll try to make some updates but please go ahead and make updates too. :)

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