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12 August 2009 @ 08:49 am
horikita_maki . horikita_maki . horikita_maki . horikita_maki

What do you think of the new layout?

I love it :)
Something needs to change..

* Original: refutare
* Edit: nomanymore ("layout looks best with FF")
* Header: nomanymore (Naomi & James from 'Nakushita Kioku')
* Scan: maki_daily

If you voted 'something needs to change' ,please leave a comment ^^ Thank you!
06 August 2009 @ 05:02 am
* As the title says, I'm thinking about what to do for her BD ^^
The layout should be changed/renewed, maybe we can hold a contest?! or like we do in YamaKi forum, make a 'gallery' /big post of fanarts :D Any suggestion?

* Maki went to Scotland for her new Calendar photoshoots ^__^
Here's bits of preview, from the staff blog (here).

That adds 1 more on the list, so far she had been to: Portugal (Castella DVD & PB), Switzerland, Germany, France (TV program), UK (2009 Calendar), and now Scotland (2010 Calendar) ^^

* Also, she has just filmed a new CM, supposedly to air this Sept/Fall.

* Notes to self: update drama links and radio shows.

24 April 2009 @ 12:47 am

As you can see Maki's been very active lately, drama, TV shows, interviews, etc and as much as we love to see Maki on screen, we'd love to understand what she's saying or what people are talking about her too, right? Therefore I make this call for all japanese speaker/fans who'd like to offer their help as translator. Some of you may still remember MH-NewS'FS, a branch of NewS'FS that is reserved for everything related to Maki ^^ We've released a number of projects ( list here ) My dream is to continue &if possible create a permanent fansub team! ^_^ Of course, joining the team will not engage you into anything, you can participate in one decided project then take a break. So please come out of shadow and show your love ,if you're waiting for the moment, this is!! XD

Just FYI, our upcoming projects are her recent appearances on TV.
For more details, please leave a comment (screened), I will contact you back asap!

To everyone, Thank you for reading! :D
Ps: please spread this, it'll also help!

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