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Pori chan~

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.01welcome to the HORIKITA MAKI LJ COMMUNITY, a place for fans made by the fans. Please enjoy your stay here and feel free to share your creativity as well as your FANDOM. In order to view every posted entry, please JOIN the community. Always stay FRIENDLY and only post HORIKITA MAKI-RELATED entries.
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.02 HORIKITA MAKI is a well-known JAPANESE ACTRESS/Model. Her real name is HARA MARINA (原麻里奈). She has a few nicknames such as Pori chan, Homaki, Makinpo, and Horikitty (given by Ikuta Toma & Oguri Shun) She was born in the year 1988 on the day of OCTOBER 6 in TOKYO, JAPAN. Her blood type is B and is 160 CM tall. She began her career in 2003 after a scout persistently asked her to be part of their talent agency. During her debut, she had appeared in more than 50 movies& dramas (incl. guest) Thereafter, she has starred in several dramas such as NOBUTA WO PRODUCE, which actually brought her to fame, as well as HANAZAKARI NO KIMITACHI E, a successful 2007 Summer drama (2007 Best Drama, Best Actress). She is currently part of the talent agency SWEET POWER. _ .
. Movie

(2013) Kenchou Omotenashi Ka
(2012) ALWAYS Sunset in 3 chome III
(2011) Kore de Ii no da!!
(2011) Byakuyakou
(2010) Ooku
(2010) Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita
(2009) Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (voice)
(2009) Fly me to the Moon (voice)
(2008) Kurosagi the Movie
(2008) ALWAYS Sunset in 3 chome II
(2007) Tokyo Shounen
(2007) Love on Sunday
(2007) Argentine Baba
(2006) One missed Call FINAL
(2006) TRICK 2
(2006) Cellular phone detective : Challenge to three sisters
(2005) ALWAYS Sunset in 3 chome
(2005) Crimson
(2005) HINOKIO
(2005) Adversity nine
(2005) The period at school (Cultural Matsa in autumn)
(2004) J Horror theater prophecy
(2004) Ghost story new Mimifcro
(2004) Place with mother (One typhoon Ca)
(2004) Socrates in Love
(2004) Shibuya ghost story 2
(2004) Shibuya ghost story
(2004) Winning passing
(2004) Manners Movie (Portable near death theater cage)
(2003) Seventh Anniversary

. Drama / SP

(2012) Ume-chan Sensei ~Kekkon Dekinai Otoko to Onna Special~ (SP)
(2012) Ume-chan Sensei

(2011) Shiawase no Kiiroi Hankachi (SP)
(2011) Furusato ~ Musume no Tabidachi (SP)
(2011) Umareru
(2010) Love Actually (SmapxSmap SP)
(2010) Shiori no Koi (SP)
(2010) Kikoku (SP)(guest)
(2010) Wagaya no Rekishi (SP)
(2010) Tokujo Kabachi!!
(2009) Atashinchi no Danshi
(2009) Chance! ~Kanojo ga Seikoushita Riyuu~ (SP)
(2008) Danso no Reijin (SP)(guest)
(2008) Innocent Love
(2008) Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (SP)
(2008) Atsu-hime
(2008) Tokyo Daikushu (SP)
(2007) Koi no Kara Sawagi- Love Story IV (SP)
(2007) Galileo (guest ep6)
(2007) Deru Toko Demasho! (SP)
(2007) Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
(2007) Seito Shokun!
(2006) Teppan Shoujo Akane!!
(2006) Densha Otoko DX~Saigo no Seizen (SP)
(2006) Kurosagi
(2006) Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi (SP)
(2005) Nobuta wo Produce
(2005) Densha Otoko
(2004) Ningen no Shoumei
(2004) Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro (SP)
(2004) Division 1 Stage 8: "Houkago"
(2003) Doubutsu no Oisha-san
(2003) Keitai Deka Zenigata Mai
(2003) Densha

. Photobooks

* 'Tokujo Kabachi!!' PB (x Sakurai Sho)
* S
* 'Innocent Love' PB
* 'Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~' Making Book
* Cinematic
* Missmatch (x Kuroki Meisa)
* Castella
* Koisuru Nichiyoubi: Watashi, Koishita
* NS Eyes
* Hikokigumo
* Bijomegane 2
* Shinkaron

. Awards - Rankings

+ 74th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Actress (*)
+ 50 Most searched celebrities on Baidu 2010: 9th place (*)
+ Gold Dream Award 2010 (*)
+ Miss Lily 2010 (*)
+ Poll - Who you don't want to be as your rival in love: 1st place
+ 13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix - Best Supporting Actress: 2nd place (Tokujo Kabachi!!)
+ Oricon - Celebrities you want as your sweetheart (2009): 5th place (*)
+ 2009 Best Leathernist Awards (*)
+ Television Academy Awards (2009 Spring) - Best Actress: 3rd place (Atashinchi no Danshi)
+ Top 30 – Female Celebrities you would like to hug from behind: 4th place (*)
+ 121 Eyes - Alluring eyes: 8th place (*)
+ Oricon - Young actresses to watch: 3rd place (*)
+ Oricon - 2009's fresh stars: 7th place (*)
+ Oricon - Who would you want to become?: 8th place (*)
+ Oricon - Ideal younger sister: 6th place (*)
+ Oricon - Ideal new co-worker: 4th place (*)
+ Oricon - Beautiful lips: 10th place (*)
+ Oricon - Ideal type of daughter: 9th place (*)
+ Ameblo Valentine's Day Celebrity Ranking: 2nd place (*)
+ Oricon - Who you'd want as girlfriend? (2008): 7th place (*)
+ 2008's Kings & Queens of Commercials: 3rd place (*)
+ Oricon - The Face of 2008 (female celebrities): 5th place (*)
+ Oricon Style - Most Active Actress of 2008: 4th place (*)
+ Television Academy Awards (2008 Fall) - Best Actress: 3rd place (Innocent Love)
+ Myojo - TV GrandPrix - Best Actress of 2008 (in general): 4th place (*)
+ Popolo - TV GrandPrix - Best Actress of 2008: 3rd place (Innocent Love) (*)
+ Junon - Best Female Protagonist of 2008: 2nd place (Innocent Love) (*)
+ DeView - Most Active Actress of 2008: 2nd place (*)
+ Monthly The Television - Most Active Actress of 2008: 2nd place (*)
+ Nikkei Entertainment - Most Active Actors/Actresses of 2008: 1st place! (*)
+ Oricon - Ideal Girlfriend: 3rd place (*)
+ Oricon - Ideal Women: 5th place (*)
+ Oricon - Top 20years old for 2008: 2nd place (*)
+ Miss Cotton 2008, 5th Cotton USA awards (*)
+ Jewelry Best Dresser (teens) 2008, awarded by the Japan Jewelry Association (*)
+ Japanese U-20 Scholar Idol Ranking 2008: 2nd place
+ Vogue Nippon - Women of the Year 2007: One of the 11 recipients
+ TV Life: Best Actress (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
+ 11th Annual Drama GrandPrix Nikkan Sports': Best Actress (*)
+ 54th Television Academy Awards: Best Actress (Hanazakari no Kimitachi E)
+ Beauty Week Award 2007: Most Stylish Hairstyle for Short Hair division
+ Japanese U-20 Scholar Idol Ranking 2007: 4th place
+ MTV Student Voice Awards 2006: Best Teen Actress
+ 29th Japan Academy Awards: Best Newcomer (Always: Sunset on Third Street)
+ 49th Television Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Kurosagi)
+ 47th Television Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (Nobuta Wo Produce)

.03 about Her

...family: her parents & two younger sisters, she moved out in 2010.
...nicknames: Homaki, Pori-chan, Horikitty (given by Ikuta Toma & Oguri Shun), Makinpo (from Girls Locks).
...favorite movies: "50 FIRST DATES", "THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA".
...favorite artists: EXILE, SPEED, Hirai Ken.
...favorite food: tomato, vegetables, japanese dishes/foods.
...hobbies: photographing, cooking, reading, strolling, listening to music, 'spacing out'.
... When she was young, she wanted to become Sailor Moon, a female ninja, a policewoman, and a rich person.
... On her days off, she generally spends it outdoors. Shopping with friends or going to the karaoke for example. When she's tired, she can sleep 24 hours straight.
... She treasures her family and enjoys spending time with them. Later she'd like to have 5 kids. (Arashi's VIP)
... She can calculate very quickly (THE! Sekai Gyoten News)
... She has poor eyesight, and because she uses contact lens she has said that her eyes get dry from things like photographic sessions.
... She has a weird fetish for insects.
... She is very keen on cleaning. (5LDK)
... She has been said to possess an independent character, one that refuses to lose under any circumstance. “Even in trifle playing around, she can become dead serious," according to acquaintances (FLASH EX 2006.01.30)
... She's known to be frank, straight-forward and honest. She can't lie (or very badly).
... Because of the shadow patterns that fall on her face and the ambiance that results, she has made countless appearances as the lead of horror films.
... She’s highly capable of reading the questioner’s mind, making her see through the answers in multiple-choice tests. She has mentioned that she can score 40 points on multiple-choice questions alone.
... Maki also has neutral views regarding romance. One time, in a Gout Temps Nouveau episode, Esumi Makiko, was asked if seeing Yamashita Tomohisa caused her heart to start racing. Maki answered, “My co-star is someone I work with and I cannot see him in any other light.”
... When she likes someone, she often observes him quietly instead of confessing. (Arashi's VIP)
... She tends to like at first sight and follows that feeling, not the 'gradually falling in love' type. In her point of view, a friend will stay friend and can't become lover. (Arashi's VIP)
... She likes man to treat her as 'older sister', she'd cook, take care of him but he can't be too lazy or messy. He has to treasure his work.
... She revealed that she likes man with a tight butt and who looks good in tight pants.
... With regards to marriage, this is her opinion, "If one is going to marry, financial freedom is also important.” (CIRCUS)
... "I feel that the question of when someone connects with their loved one is insignificant." Maki says.
... "If my parents were to choose for me, I would greatly appreciate it." Like her views in marriage, her views of having a long-distance relationship are rather well-opinionated as well. “I don’t think I am the type that can sustain something like a long distance relationship. Even if it’s only the neighbouring high school, I would get the feeling that it’s become a great distance.” (JUNON May)
... She’s under the same agency as Kuroki Meisa and is good friends with her. A year and a half since graduating from middle school, they were on living terms at the agency’s dormitories. (from SPA!)
... She is very comfortable with fellow Hana Kimi actor, Ikuta Toma. In fact, as of July 2007, Ikuta has guested twice in her radio show. She was given nickname 'Horikitty' by Toma & Oguri Shun during that period.
... She likes the band EXILE very much. According to her staff blog, she had a miniature flag of EXILE during the band's summer concert. Once she was even noticed by Takahiro (singer of group), the last even asked his manager to go scout her without knowing it's really her. (clip)
... She went to Arashi concerts thrice, the 1st time she was invited by Sakurai Sho (her co-star in Tokujo Kabachi!!), 2nd time was private, 3rd time she was with Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun and others. Actually Arashi was the 1st JE group she went to concert.

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